Speciality services in Human Resource Consulting


At Qld HR Services our goal is to provide Human Resources Consulting services that are required by your business. Human Resources is a wide field and therefore impossible to specialise in all areas however we aim to provide the services that are most likely required by your business and fit within our areas of speciality.

Qld HR Services philosophy is simple:


To streamline the processes necessary to allow business to succeed.

'Partner Package'


1. Access to HR professional on phone and by email for general HR enquiries,

2. Monthly newsletter of emerging trends and HR issues,

3. Updates of relevant industrial law changes,

4. Quarterly consultation on HR trends both industry specific and generally with business owners and/or manager + discuss specific business issues,

5. Annual staff survey with detailed report of results and suggestions.

'HR Employment System'


1. Pre Employment Docs:

Documents including Job Application Form, Personal declaration form, Letter of Offer, Employee details Form.

2. Employment Docs:

Employment Agreement, Confidentiality, Nation Employment Standards, Policies and Procedures.

3. Employment File Checklist:

Customised for business use to ensure all documents completed.

4. Additional Documents:

Accept resignation letter, resignation/termination checklist


- All documents personally customised.

- Additional documents available on request, including specific industry documents, specific business policies and procedures, warning and performance letters and many more!

'Full Service Employment'


We offer Full Service employment Package, with the ability to complete all necessary paperwork with your new employee, register if required, complete employment file and have in an employment system for you.

Policies & Procedures


We can offer assistance with critiquing any policy or procedure manuals you already have in place or we can assist you with developing an up to date and comprehensive manual.

Industrial Relations Compliance


We ensure that your employment agreements and contracts are correct. We ensure that your employees are employed under the correct award and that you are paying them the correct amount of wages and entitlements.

Workplace Health & Safety


We can help with ensuring you have procedures in place to ensure that you are compliant with legislation.

Recruiting, Selection & induction


We can help with writing postion adverts, interviewing candidates, selecting the right employee for your organisation and then settling them into your business with the right process for employment.

Workforce Planning


We can assist by looking at the workload that your business has against the amount of people doing that work and suggest recommendations for improving the workflow output, usually through restructing or less employees.

HR Compliance Audit


We can do a complete audit of your current compliance with the various legislation.  We can offer suggestions for improvment or be engaged to rectify any issues that are found not to comply.

HR Admin Tools


We can provide you with templates, systems and models that work to ensure that you are doing the right things with Human Resource management.

Have a look at our 'HR Employment System' to see the type of comprehensive service we offer to ensure you limit your risk.

HR Training


We can help both business owners and managers to get a better understanding of human resource concepts and strategy to improve productivity and retention.

Organisational Structure


We can help assess your business needs and ensure that the correct procedures are in place so that management checking and delegation are most optimal. We can also assist with the design and implementation of an organisational Hierarchy Tree.

Job Analysis & Description


We can look at your business to see if extra resources are needed or assess if you are over staffed.  We can do Position Descriptions to ensure your staff are aware of your performance expectations.