About Qld HR Services

Rick Irvine has worked in business for over 15 years as a manager and General Manager of both large and small organisations across a range of industries. Rick is generally regarded as a fair individual who is good with people.


Rick has managed teams as small as 3 people to organisations that have over 120 people being managed.  During this time Rick has learnt a wide range of human resource and business practices and brings expertise specifically in:

- Policy & procedures - investigation, preparation, sign off and roll out to teams and businesses.

- Business improvement strategies for sales growth, client retention and ongoing effectiveness

- Industrial Relations Compliance

- Overall business HR procedures, manuals & processes for the effective management of people.

- Recruiting, selection and induction

- Human Resource Consulting


While experience in the real world with real people in real businesses is the most important way to deal with HR and business, Rick also has a Diploma in Human Resource Management and Diploma in Business. Rick is also a Justice of the Peace. Rick is a current and financial Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (MAHRI).

Rick started Qld HR Services because he believes that HR is a complicated area and that business owners don't have access to the resources and tools that they need to get the most from their people. "It is no different to a business computer system where you use an IT expert, or contract preparation where you use a solicitor, Human resources is a field that requires a person with the right skills to make sure it works." That is why you should consider using a Human Resource Consultant to help you!


"In my experience I believe that business owners struggle to see the difference between managing a team to be able to make sales or manufacture a product or clean or build or whatever it is they do, and what Human Resource Consulting or Management is all about. Business owners and managers are usually great at driving what their team does but HR is more about processes and systems that help business owners and managers streamline the paperwork and red tape that is an unfortunate part of the business world that we all live in"


"Amazingly though, studies show that almost 80% of all employees prefer to work in a workplace that has structure, is professional and provides clear and consistent goals and expectations.  So a business that does this obviously then has a higher retention of their people.  We all know that this leads to better productivity, less staff turnover and therefore lessened costs for hiring and training new staff. "