Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why would my business hire a Human Resource Consultant?

A - The most common reason that businesses use Qld HR Services is because the business owner or manager (or both) are experts in a lot of areas of their business but Human Resources is not one of them. Business leaders accept that they cannot know everything and recognise that Human Resources is a very technical area that requires expert and most importantly, up to date knowledge.


Q - Is it expensive to use Qld HR Services as a consultant?

A - Qld HR Services believe that cost and investment are very closely aligned.  As an example, if a business spent say $4,000 getting their processes and procedures right and had an ongoing investment of $1,000 per year to keep up to date, would that be significant business expenditure? It probably is a significant cost to a lot of business.  If however due to this expenditure the business was not the subject of an unfair dismissal claim or an harassment claim or a claim for underpayment of wages, and avoided a fine of say $20,000 then the amount spent with Qld HR Services would be a good investment rather than a significant expense.  It comes down to the attitude of the business owner and their willingness to chance a fine rather than be proactive and ensure that they run a good business that is compliant with the legislation.


Q - Do businesses usually do 'one off' or ongoing consulting package with Qld HR Services?

A - Qld HR Services can do either or both depending on the need of the business.  There is never a one size fits all approach to Human Resources as every business is different however it is most common for a business to engage Qld HR Services in the following way:

1. To conduct an audit of the current systems in place at the business plus check the current compliance with wage rates and conditions of employment.

2. To prepare an Employment System that has all of the hiring documentation, Employment Agreement, Policies & Procedures, Work Health and Safety Policies, and generally a system that is used by the business to minimise risk. 

3. To provide ongoing information and support with calls, emails and updates through Qld HR Services 'Partner Package'. The 'Partner Package' also includes additional benefits to just compliance with annual employee survey, quarterly HR practices discussion and much more.

4. To provide an annual or bi annual review of the Employment System with updated legislation, HR trends and business specific policies and procedures that need updating.


Q - Can I be sure that by using Qld HR Services I will be 100% compliant with legislation and my overall HR performance will improve?

A- Unfortunately the answer to this question is no.  While Qld HR Services will do everything possible to get to 100% compliance, this is a benchmark that may be unachievable due to circumstances out of Qld HR Services control.  As an example, you may have a solid policy relating to Harassment, however if as the business owner you do not follow this policy and allow harassing behaviour to happen in your workplace and this behaviour is condoned, then the value of the policy itself is worthless and you may find yourself in trouble. Qld HR Services can only put in place a framework that gives you and your employees something to work within, but ultimately how you work within that framework is up to you individually.


Q - Do most businesses who hire Qld HR Services do so just for the compliance and risk aspects or are there other HR things that business owners should consider?

A - A large number of businesses do hire us to develop systems that minimise risk and assist with compliance.  What a large portion of these businesses soon realise is that compliance is only 1 aspect of a business Human Resource strategy.  Qld HR Services work with businesses to assist with all range of services including strategies to attract and retain good employees,  workforce planning to ensure a business has the right amount of employees for the work load, business restructure, job descriptions and hierarchy tree structure to assist with business growth or decline.  Compliance is a major aspect of our work load however proactive Human Resource Strategies is also very common. 


Q - Is there more to HR than just making sure I am paying all my staff correctly and have procedures?

A - Absolutely, compliance is only 1 aspect of Human Resources.  Human Resources can be described in a broad sense as the management of people to best receive outcomes.  When you consider this further there are many elements to a good human resource strategy and every business should have one!  What do you do to encourage good employees to join your business? What do you do to retain good employees? What is your business culture like? What incentives or team building do you do?

This is only a small snapshot of questions that you should ask yourself.  The reality is that if you are asking yourself why does any of that even matter then you are maybe missing the point with HR........without good people in your business, helping you achieve your goals and targets, your business probably looks very different!  Maybe a good HR system and attitude could help the bottom line of your business?